We are a unique club with great members and unique cars!

All Sports cars are acceptable in the Club whether they are mint stock, personalized, radically customized, restored, well used or replicated.  The cars are the real members and they have just as many personalities as their owners have.  Mechanical and restoration excellence is encouraged even though concourse events are seldom held.

A rusty ’70 Sprite and the kid that owns it, loves it and drives it, is as important to the club as the fortunate member who buys a pristine restored Sports Car to tow to a show, but both are welcome, as each has something to contribute.

Membership is open to all who love or hate, who own or aspire to own Classic Sports Cars .  It is dedicated to what we consider classic wind in the face, top-down motoring! We even recognize coupes.

We ask only that every member thrill to a crisp shift at the top end of the R.P.M. scale, tingle to a staccato exhaust note on a still fall day and have an on-going love affair with the sports car.