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Reminders for Event Coordinators:

Sunday  Events:  If possible, try to avoid a start time before 1 pm, thus allowing church going members to participate.

Reminders for all Drivers:   Remember the Convoy Rules:  (a)  Always keep the car in front & the car behind in sight.  (b) Leave plenty of room in the driving lane to accommodate vehicles passing you in the passing lane.
Suggested Mustering Points: for OYO and any other runs that organizers MAY want to use.

– Arby’s on St. Albert Trail.
– Gateway South by the oil derrick.
– Capilano Mall (north side of mall).
– Petro Can on Fort Road. It is always nice to have a mustering point where refreshments and “Rest Rooms” are available.

O• Y O • What’s OYO? In the list of events you will see an event listed as an OYO run.  These are recognized runs by the club but are not organized, you go On Your Own.  They’re listed here as some peoples insurance restricts them to club runs.  For most of these runs the club will try and set a mustering point based on departure direction. Why set a muster point? You don’t have to go to a muster point of course but if people do then you may find someone to travel with.